Invoicebus at SuperFounders Open Day

Invoicebus is another great made-in-Macedonia startup whose founders will attend the SuperFounders Open Day on 15.02.2016.

Although comprised of only two team members, Invoicebus has made great progress since its foundation. Namely, Invoicebus was selected as one of the top 10 billing & invoicing software for Q1/2016 by Cloudswave. The Cloudswave Awards is a seasonal ranking of the Top 10 business applications across several categories based on the cloudswave score, which they refer to as “Metacritic’s Metascore” for business software. Since recently, Invoicebus has also become an enterprise partner with 2Checkout, a global payment provider that offers support for users in 197 countries worldwide. Through this collaboration, it helped its users accept online payment methods including all types of major credit cards and PayPal in only a few clicks (even in countries where PayPal is not supported). In the mean time, Invoicebus has even launched an affiliate program. This program is reward-based and it is designed to help people generate income in exchange for referring new clients to Invoicebus.

Are you intrigued to find out more about this company already? Below follows a great intro into the work and team spirit of Invoicebus.

We are a homegrown Macedonian startup comprised of two die-hard code freaks (Dimitar Stojanov and Stefan Chachovski), lovers of beautiful design, stewards of simplicity, and passionately dedicated to the user experience. Invoicebus is a great vehicle to express what we do best.” – says Stefan Chachovski, one of the founders.

So, what exactly is Invoicebus?

It is an award winning invoicing service that helps you send online invoices for your goods and services and get paid instantly with any credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Users include freelancers, small business owners, and Fortune 500 companies. Invoicebus proudly serves some of the most creative and innovative businesses in over 120 countries worldwide.

It works on the “bill-is-in-the-email” principle, meaning anyone with an email address can receive an itemized invoice from you. The invoice you create with Invoicebus is similar to the conventional paper-based invoice, but it is accessible online from any device at any time via a unique link. You send a link of the invoice to your client by email, who then clicks and opens the invoice in a browser. The online invoice contains an embedded “Pay” button which allows your client to pay instantly with any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal. The process is fast, secure, and error-free; and usually it results in receiving payments within minutes of sending the invoice.

For a team of two, the company culture is only a dream. We are not sure how much sense it would make to discuss company culture at this stage, but we do have some principles we live by. They form a kind of manifesto which evolves and grows as we do. Besides our core principles, we also give great importance to the personal development. Our vision in this aspect is to create egoless team where the ultimate measure of success is happiness.” – explains Stefan.

Advantages to work in a startup?

According to the Invoicebus team, there are tons of pros to work in a startup, but there’s one thing that outweighs the rest – A startup gives you the ability to see the world through a child’s eyes. Anything else is just a noise. Here’s why:

In a startup your curiosity can flourish
In a startup almost everything you’ll work on is new
In a startup everything is a learning experience
In a startup your naivety can be a good thing
In a startup you think positively
In a startup nothing seems impossible
In a startup the world is full of possibilities
In a startup you do things “just because”
In a startup your imagination is limitless
In a startup you are constantly riding an emotional roller-coaster

What’s on tap?

It looks like it’s always busy at Invoicebus. Their upcoming milestones include the opening of the Public API by March 15, 2016 and the translation of the Invoicebus Template Store in more than 12 languages by April 30, 2016. The API allows third party applications to easily integrate with Invoicebus. The Invoicebus template store is an online marketplace that offers interactive, automated invoice templates. They work independently from Invoicebus and are designed to replace the old-fashioned Word and Excel invoice templates.

Job opportunity

Invoicebus is looking to welcome a new team member who will be involved in realizing new business opportunities, including new partnerships, product or service design, business model design, and marketing. Visit their stand at SuperFounders Open Day to find out much more!