Apply for Pre-incubation and Incubation Programs at Zagreb Technology Park (TPZ)

Zagreb Technology Park (TPZ) will help individual innovators and teams based in Zagreb to realize their business idea through support programs. The Technology Park is part of the Development Agency Zagreb, which aims at stimulating entrepreneurship and private initiative in the area of development in the City of Zagreb. TPZ supports technologically innovative entrepreneurs and their development teams in realizing their entrepreneurial endeavors through specific programs offering infrastructure, education, and networking.

As it was announced on the official website of TPZ, these programs are particularly developed to help entrepreneurs keep up with the fast-paced business climate, providing them continuous adaptation and guidance. The activities of TPZ are taking place in two locations: Dragutina Golika 63 and Slavonska avenija 52 (Žitnjak). Currently, there are 20 startups incubated in TPZ. Their professional representatives will be the mentors in the upcoming programs.

Depending on the stage of development of the projects, there are two types of programs offered in TPZ:

The Pre-incubation program is intended to entrepreneurs or development teams involved in developing innovative projects with commercial potential. Applicants to this program should be natural persons at the time of filing the applications and should not have a registered business entity, nor have ownership interests in other businesses, but have plans to establish a legal entity in order to realize their entrepreneurial project.

The Incubation program is intended to innovative entrepreneurs who are engaged in developing products and services in the field of high technologies. Applicants to this program may be business entities based in the City of Zagreb who have at least one and no more than 10 employees.

Application process

Potential candidates for applying to these programs are encouraged to read the Rule book and make sure they meet the criteria stated. The next step is to download and fill out this application form and send it via email to The form should also be printed, signed and delivered via regular post office along with all additional documents to the following address: Razvojna agencija Zagreb – TPZ d.o.o.; Dragutina Golika 63, 10000 Zagreb.

According to TPZ, registrants will be informed on their status within 30 days from the day they submitted their application. All applicants who meet the entry criteria and cannot be included within the program due to limited number of participants, will be added to a wait list according to the order of registration.