Novi Sad-based Drytools raises its first investment of 300.000 Euros from SC Ventures

Drytools, a startup company based in Novi Sad, Serbia, has just acquired 300.000 Euros from the SC Ventures investment fund. Officially, this is the first investment for both the company and the fund. According to Startit, it is the highest investment a team at their Startup Academy ever received and also the biggest investment in a Novi Sad-based startup. SC Ventures announced that the investment is directed towards further development of tools and services, as well as growing the team.


Image credit: sc-ventures

The main goal of Drytools is to make programmers’ job easier by developing a software that finishes 80% of the coding work. Starting as outsource programmers themselves, the three co-founders of the company Marko Gaćeša, Duško Vesin and Nikola Milinković had decided to make their job easier by developing a smart software that delivers high-quality results and speeds up the coding process up to 4 times. The software currently supports Java, Scala, and Javascript, whereas Swift is on the way. Aware of the low quality that most code generators offer, the team claims to have dedicated their full attention in making this product stand out and be of true value to programmers. As a way to thank their community for the support and provide an incentive for further growth of other startup companies, Drytools have also announced free use of the software for other early stage domestic startups.

The company managed to secure its funding from the Enterprise Innovation Fund, announced last September by SC Ventures. Drytools is the first company to become part of the investment portfolio of South Central Ventures, an investment fund worth 40 million Euros, which is looking to invest in tech companies founded in the Balkans i.e. in Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia. SC Ventures has its offices located in Zagreb, Skopje and Belgrade.