Slovakia brings Elon Musk’s Hyperloop to Europe

Image credit: Hungary Today

The revolutionary idea for a hyperloop transportation was first introduced by Elon Musk, the entrepreneur involved with Tesla and SpaceX, back in 2013. Although, the concept itself is already familiar and used as the principle of pneumatic mass transfer, the innovative aspect is in implementing the same principle to improve mass transit. According to Musk, a tube would transfer people or goods between “high traffic city pairs that are less than about 1500 km or 900 miles apart”. This would secure a travelling speed of up to 760 mph, resulting in significantly reduced travel time.

The benefits of establishing this transportation system in Slovakia would be immense. As the Slovakian Minister of Economy, Vasil Hudak, declared “A transportation system of this kind would redefine the concept of commuting and boost cross-border cooperation in Europe”. According to the official update made by HTT, the next steps would include defining a route which is to be connected to Austria and Hungary in the next stages. The  implementation of this idea would mark the beginning of the “fifth mode of transportation“.

Video credit: ColdFusion