EUR 500.000 Investment for Romanian IT Startup Cyberfog

Romanian IT startup Cyberfog that offers smart cyber-security solution to help companies divert cyber attacks has recently secured a combined amount of EUR 500.000 investment coming from two foreign investors. A seed investment from Startup Hub Poland accompanied by an early-stage funding from Giza Polish Ventures (GPV) will help Clepsisoft Cyberfog to further develop and test their innovative tool. Following several unsuccessful attempts to raise domestic investment in 2015, the Cyberfog team has now managed to gain the sympathies and trust from Polish VC investors.

Photo credit: CyberFog

Smart solutions usually result from looking at a problem from a different perspective. In the same direction, the idea for Cyberfog has been born by making the character of the defend system more active instead of reactive. “CyberFog is a proactive cyber security solution that acts like an early-warning system and helps companies fight cyber-attacks by creating thousands of fake computers and services and blurring the real ones. By generating these fake computers we make it extremely hard for an attacker to identify the real ones. Besides this, we developed our technology with a focus on IoT and we can now use IoT devices to generate even more fake computers”, explains Mihai Raneti, Co-Founder & CEO, CyberFog for HowToWeb.

The founding team of Cyberfog consists of Mihai Ranet, Claudia Dehelean and Adina Brutaru. According to, the company currently operates both in Ploiesti, Romania and Wroclaw, Poland. The list of customers consists of enterprise companies such as IT consultancies, banks, and telecoms. The main investor in Cyberfog is GPV, an Israeli-sponsored VC fund based in Warsaw that targets local projects with global potential at stages varying from seed to growth. In this joint investment, GPV is in strategic partnership with Startup Hub Poland.