Rimac Automobili to Move Headquarters Out of Croatia?

Rimac Automobili, the Croatian-based leader in reshaping the sports cars industry, might soon follow the example of domestic startups Bellabeat and Farmeron and move its headquarters in a foreign country. Mate Rimac, the founder of Rimac Automobili, gave this statement during the opening of the Cisco Connect Conference on April 7. Apparently, due to the upcoming second round of investment, Rimac might be obliged to transfer the main offices of the company to a country where investors feel more secure working under familiar laws.

Image credit: solidworks.com

According to the official statement, Rimac made for ICT Business, the company is currently expecting a much bigger amount of funding which might also be accompanied by a direct request from investors to move abroad. This wouldn’t be the first time that a startup company is required to move its headquarters in order to receive the necessary investment. Bellabeat and Farmeron, the two Croatian startups that also had to move abroad for the same reason, are the examples Rimac referred to when making his point. The company has already put great efforts to delay the need to leave Zagreb during the first round of investment that amounted to EUR 10 million, as reported by ICT Business. However, the amount of the second investment is assumed to be much larger, which would make resistance to such request rather impossible.

Mate Rimac has also refined his statement on one of his social network profiles after realizing many media have misinterpreted his initial statement. As he puts it in the direct statement addressing the public, he will give his best to keep the headquarters of the company in Zagreb, where it currently is. In case creating a legal entity of the company in a foreign country is required, then all the infrastructure such as administration, R&D, and production will still remain in Zagreb and this will not affect the country nor the employees.