Serbian Content Insights Lands EUR 1.1 Million to End Clickbait

Content Insights is a startup company based in Novi Sad that has just received one of the highest amounts of VC investment in Serbia. A combined total of EUR1.1 million has been invested by three VC funds: Eleven, North Base Media, and Neveq. Set out on a mission to save the world from low-quality web content, the company is currently developing the beta version of their online media solution – data analysis tool offering a set of innovative metrics for proper evaluation of online content.


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The bold investment comes at no surprise as only 2 years after its foundation, Content Insights can brag about reaching a paying customer base of 30 publishing houses and more than 400 journalists, as reported by Netokracija. Following an initial investment from Bulgarian VC fund Eleven of EUR 25.000 in 2014, the company has now attracted EUR 1.1 million in an effort to scale the business and expand the current team of 11 members.

Content Insights was founded by Dejan Nikolic, Ilija Šuši and Dragutin Miletić, the team behind web portal. They use this tool to better understand the audience and offer high-quality content to the readers, taking page views completely out of the picture. The new set of key editorial metrics such as Article Reads, Readership, and Content Performance Indicator promote the need of using effective journalism research methods. Journalists are thus devoted to creating non-deceptive and user-friendly articles. The tool provides better insight into the real value of each journalist’s work and their contribution to the success of the website.

This innovative service for online journalists will remain in beta version until June, 2016. The official launch is announced to be during the Global Editors Network Summit 2016 in Vienna.