6 Most Valuable Lessons from DigitalK 2016

The DigitalK 2016 Conference took place last week in Sofia. This year, once again attendees have been convinced that it is an event worth visiting regardless of their time zone. The two day conference was all about technology and startups, two areas in which founders of leading tech companies, unicorns, startups, investors and digital gurus found common grounds to inspire, give valuable insights and network with the rest of the attendees. Thought leaders, innovators, and communicators from around the world gathered in one place to share their inspiration with the next generation of digital technology lovers.

Those who did not have the chance to attend are probably wondering what the highlights of the event were. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Below we have summarized the 6 most valuable lessons from DigitalK 2016 only for you:

Image credit: DigitalK 2016 Facebook page

1. [Personal Development] Develop a growth mindset: Upgrade the mind, technology will follow – Peter Halacsy, Co-Founder & CTO at Prezi

The period between 25 and 26 years is a critical one especially for talented people. You can no longer follow the fixed mindset you have previously established, as life is no longer a single linear path. This is the point in life when you have to embrace change and start working on building your growth mindset which will only develop if you break out of your comfort zone.


2. [Technology] Build flexible systems that can accommodate advances in technology – Renaud Visage, Co-founder & CTO at Eventbrite

Whenever you are developing or upgrading a system, think about what you can do with it later in the future. Technology is changing faster than ever and what is useful today might not be applicable in near future. Think and innovate in advance.


3. [Internet of Things] Make technology in fashion washable, wearable, and reliable – Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency

Technology is in fashion, but is it fashionable? The majority of people are afraid or not comfortable wearing clothes that are technologically advanced. If you want to combine technology and fashion, make sure the final product is washable, wearable, and reliable just as regular clothing is.


4. [Marketing] Don’t follow the norm in creating your marketing strategy – Marina Haydn, SVP Circulation & Retail at The Economist

Don’t serve customers a boring ad. Offer them a genuine experience that is hard to forget. Bring in the elements of human communication that are often missing in automated communication.


5. [Digital Media] COPE: Create Once Publish Everywhere – Zach Brand, VP of Digital Media at NPR

Digital content is being approached from a variety of different devices and through many communication channels. Creating one content that could be published through every single channel your company has on disposal ensures customers have a clear reach to it.


6. [Traction] A startup without customers is just a hobby – Steli Efti, Close.io

How to get the first customers in your startup business? Founders are often too busy and excited working on developing a product or service, just to notice that what they are developing is actually not selling. A business is all about its customers. You have to target your niche market and make sure you understand your customers and all their needs. The depth of your understanding for the customer will help you move forward and further increase the initial customer base.