Bulgarian Startup OfficeR&D Wins a EUR 10,000 Award

Bulgarian startup OfficeR&D is the winner of the DigitalK Startup Competition 2016. This startup company received EUR 10,000 award in recognition of the best business idea that was in a stiff competition with 14 other startups from the region. Mike Butcher and Max Kelly from Techstars, accompanied by Hussein Kanji from Hoxton Ventures and Stephane Gantchev from LAUNCHub were on board the jury panel for the final pitching competition held at the very end of the DigitalK 2016 Conference. Among a total of 4 finalists, including: FindMeCure, Coursedot.com, and StorPool, OfficeR&D had the privilege of winning the 2016 cash award provided by LAUNCHub and Microsoft Ventures.

Image credit: Capital.bg

Miroslav Miroslavov is the CEO and Co-founder of this prospective company that has a great potential to conquer an uprising niche market. In an era of rapidly emerging co-working offices, this startup developed a co-working management software that is on the way to set new standards in managing shared workspaces. According to Miroslavov, “OfficeR&D offloads the boring, repetitive tasks from the community (office) managers so they can focus on creating a real community by bringing people together and helping them build better businesses.” The team has developed 173 versions of their product for less than a year, and their first paying customers are co-working spaces such as Central Working, Rainmaking Loft, and Runway East, all based in London.

After 2 seed fundings in 2015, OfficeR&D kick-started the first half of 2016 by winning the BetaPitch Sofia on May 13th and then also the DigitalK Startup Competition on May 20th. Coming next from OfficeR&D will be their participation in the BetaPitch Global competition, the grand finale for the 10 local BetaPitch competitions, taking place on October 15, 2016 in Berlin.