Bidi is the Winner of Pirate Summit Skopje 2016

Bidi is a Skopje-based startup company that won the pitch competition jointly organized by Pirate Summit Global and SuperFounders. Pirate Summit Skopje was the local chapter of Pirate Summit in Macedonia. Skopje is one of the 40 locations worldwide where the global program of this one-of-a-kind event took place. As a winner of Pirate Summit Skopje, the Bidi team will receive two free tickets for the official Pirate Summit event in Cologne, Germany and a guaranteed entry in the Walk the Plank pitch competition on September 6, 2016.


The pitching competition was held on June 20. Participating startups pitched their decks in front of 3 expert jury members: Uldis Leiterts (serial entrepreneur and organizer at Pirate Summit), Suresh Patel (VC investor in ICT and international senior advisor at Verdexus), and Aleksandar Tasev (founder of SuperFounders). Startups were evaluated based on their business model, traction/growth, innovation, market, and team.

About Bidi

The winning team consists of five members: Viktor Ilijev, Kiril Kuculovski, Martin Antovski, Andreja Popovikj, and Gorjan Ognenov. “We have known each other for 20 years, and we’ve been gaming and dreaming of feeling like millionaires for even longer,” said Viktor Ilijev, the CEO of Bidi, during his pitch. It is in pursuit of this dream that the five team members decided to create a platform that will make everyone feel like a millionaire.


Image credit: SuperFounders

According to the team, Bidi is on its way of becoming the next generation eCommerce platform. In essence, it allows products or services to be bought for 1 USD, while they are being sold for the full value of their worth. The concept behind this revolutionary idea is based on helping consumers with low buying power go beyond what they can afford and buy what they really want. Through a mix of gaming experience and eCommerce service based on auction, Bidi allows the winners of a 20-second-long game to buy whatever they want for only 1 dollar. Regardless of the game results, sellers still get to sell their goods or services for the full price. In this way, Bidi creates a win-win platform for both buyers and sellers.

Photos from the event are available here: