Croatian Memgraph and MadBarz Enter the 2016 Techstars London Class

Croatian Memgraph and MadBarz are two of the 11 finalists for the Summer 2016 Techstars London Class. The exciting news about the next generation of finalists was announced today by Max Kelly, the Managing Director of Techstars in London.

Memgraph is a startup company co-founded by two Croatian tech guys: Dominik Tomicevic, CEO and Marko Budiselic, CTO. The company provides a solution for tackling the current and future challenges of big data through a memory optimized, scalable and enterprise-ready graph database. Memgraph headquarters is located in London.

Madbarz is an alumni company from the second generation of the Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator in 2013, founded by Luka Macner and Nikola Mratinić. It is a street workout mobile platform launched in 2015 where users can create, analyze, and evaluate their personal workout plans.


Image credits: Techstars

The Summer 2016 Techstars London Class counts 11 startup companies founded by entrepreneurs coming from 4 European countries: Ireland, Croatia, Portugal, and the UK. Health tech, data, fitness, VR, and blockchain are the main sectors in which the companies range. The fifth Techstars London program starts today, June 20, and will end in September. After 3 months of mentoring, growth, and pitching, the program will come full circle with the final Demo Day.

Techstars has mentored a total of 765 companies to date. Among some of the most successful companies in their portfolio are: Digital Ocean, SendGrid, Contently, and many others. Stats show that 79% of Techstars companies are active, 11.5% of them are already acquired and 9% have failed.

The complete list of the 2016 Summer Class at Techstars London includes: AID:TechAppraiseMeAssetVaultAvalon AIDataSineMadBarzMemgraphMindiPIC SquareSwiftComply, and Tenzo.