Rimac Automobili at Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2016

June 1- 5, 2016 is an exciting period for all green tech and electric vehicle enthusiasts around the world. It is the time when one of the most prominent e-mobility events in the region is taking place. Nikola Tesla EV Rally 2016 in Croatia is the 3rd edition of a world-class electric rally combining technology and excellence. The rally, organized by E.V.A. Blue, aims to promote sustainable energy, organically grown food, and smart solar or wind infrastructure for electric cars, while also bringing excitement to both the local and the international audience. Passing through 12 of the most fabulous locations in Croatia, the 1.200 km long route is set to impress drivers with sights ranging from national parks to various historically locations, including the birthplace of Nikola Tesla. The race starts in Porec and finishes in Zagreb.

Image credit: cleantechnica.com

Nikola Tesla EV Rally 2016 in Croatia features ZEV vehicles produced by automotive leaders such as Rimac Automobili, Greyp, E.V.A. Blue, DOK-ING, Ducatti Komponenti, Bellabeat, and others. The majority of the competing vehicles are products of Rimac Automobili, the renowned Croatian producer of hypercars. For Rimac Automobili, this is the first time to participate in the annual event. Rimac Concept One is the flagship product of Rimac taking part in the race. It is a 100% electric vehicle and is considered to be the fastest hypercar in the world, as well as the ultimate star of the event. The “supercar of the future”, as it is referred to, is built upon a unique all wheel torque vectoring system.

As day 1 of the rally comes to an end, we find out that although Rimac Automobili CEO Mate Rimac had been present at the event, he hadn’t been the one sitting behind the wheel of Rimac Concept One, as previously announced. Instead, the pleasure of riding this vehicle had belonged to the new owner, Paul Lange from the U.S. This means that Rimac Concept One breaks records by also being the first car ever that the U.S. is to import from Croatia, as reported by TotalCroatiaNews.com.

Take a look at the official video for the rally:

Video credit: Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia