E-Commerce Startup Qrator Receives $810,000 in Funding

E-Commerce Startup Qrator originating from Greece recently received a combined funding from domestic and foreign investors in a total amount of $810,000. Names of investors remain undisclosed to the public for the time being. Money raised from the funding will help Qrator pioneer the e-commerce of unique design items.

Qrator is a marketplace for modern art and design currently featuring more than 4,000 pieces of minimalist art. Products range from handcrafted artwork, jewelry, lighting, and furniture, to smart tech. The platform hosts individual e-shops featuring: product listings, social media links, private mailboxes, PayPal payment, hotline and live-chat customer support, and on-site customer feedback options.


Credits: Qrator

Qrator was founded by the company’s CEO, Nikolas Ioannidis, and is currently based in London, UK. Ioannidis has a background in robotics engineering and working experience as a hospitality entrepreneur – he is the president of the Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos, Greece. The idea for launching Qrator came from his own quest to find and buy items with unique designs.

“Qrator is an oasis for modern artists and designers looking to elevate their products on a global scale. It is the destination for those looking to accent their modern home and daily lifestyle with unique art & design,” he says. According to Nikolas, “Qrator helps independent artists and designers reach a global market of design-conscious people eager to discover and buy unique items in the categories of art, fashion, interior design and gadgets. Qrator hosts passionate makers who exemplify professionalism in their craft, but are not large enough to mass produce or be considered commercial“.

Items sold by the e-commerce startup Qrator are made by about 350 independent creators located worldwide. “We love how Qrator is very different from other platforms. Its style has influenced the way I design my own things. We are also selling better on Qrator than other platforms. It perfectly fits our aesthetics,” states Wieger Josemans, creator of Trobla – a wooden amplifier for smartphones.

E-Commerce Startup Qrator: Competition

Currently, Qrator is leading an ongoing competition on Art & Design in collaboration with 20 designers from around the world. The Qrator Art & Design Giveaway Contest started on June 22 and will be rolling until July 31, 2016. A total of 20 winners will receive items worth over € 2,000.