South Central Ventures makes a first investment in Macedonia with €100.000 to Letz chatbot

Image credit: SC Ventures

South Central Ventures just announced their first investment in a Macedonia-based startup. The chatbot Letz received a seed investment of €100.000 to finalize it’s ambitious product and launch on the global market.

The Letz’s founders Nino Karas and Martin Anchevski are young enterpreneurs with an engineering background. They are founders of Codewell, a software developement company. Letz is a derivation of the experience from developing location-based reminder app MarkO, which had previously received investment and support by Rockstart accelerator from Amsterdam.

As a chatbot Letz is designed to simulate intelligent conversation with users, motivate them to share theirs daily tasks in the chat in spontaneous and engaging manner.

“The investment from South Central Ventures will accelerate us to finish and launch the product in its final form as well as help us place the product on the global marketplace” – said Nino Karas, one of the co-founders of Letz.