Startup School for Tourism Startups From the Adriatic Region

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Ecapital Culture Adriatic Startup School 2016 is an international project that supports the creation of new innovative businesses in the fields of culture, cultural heritage, and tourism in the Adriatic – Ionian macro region. The open call aims at future entrepreneurs interested in developing business ideas for promotion of their local culture. This initiative provides a total of 20 startup school scholarships in Ancona, Italy.


Students, employees, or self-employed young professionals motivated to give birth to an innovative business idea for a startup company tackling culture or tourism, are welcome to apply for the startup school scholarships. Eligible applicants for this call should originate from one of the following 8 countries: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, or Serbia. All applicants are expected to submit a business idea in one of the following topics: archeological sites, architecture, events, food, live performance and theatre, movies, museum, music, publishing, theme parks, or visual arts.

Startup School Scholarships

Selected candidates will be working on shaping their idea during the provided training. The educational course will be in English language and will last nine weeks, starting from October 17 to December 16, 2016. It consists of lectures, workshops, and case studies. Attendees will be instructed on the 3 main phases of creating a startup business: business plan development, startup project enhancement techniques, and cultural planning and startup launch. Final projects will be presented in front of relevant names of the business sector in the eligible countries.

About the project

Ecapital Culture Adriatic Startup School is an international project, first established in 2015  by The Marche Foundation, Ancona Chamber of Commerce, Politechnical Univeristy of Marche, and City of Ancona & Istao. It targets young entrepreneurs interested in starting a creative business in the field of cultural tourism, cultural heritage and other forms of local culture development. International banking group Intesa Sanapolo is the main sponsor of the project.

The deadline for application is September 15, 2016. Additional information is available on the official website of Ecapital Culture Adriatic Startup School 2016.

Startup School Scholarships: Ecapital Culture Adriatic Startup School 2016 Official Video