20 startup finalists to compete at Zagreb Connect 2016 conference from 28th to 30th November

photo credit: crane.hr

Total of 20 startups (from 150 applicants) are selected as finalists for Zagreb Connect conference, set to take place from 29th to 30th of November in Zagreb.

The host country of Croatia has 12 finalist startups at the event, the most from all the countries participating in Zagreb Connect, and neighboring Slovenia following with 3 startups. Great Britain, Jamaica, Denmark, Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina complete the total of selected finalist in Zagreb Connect, each country with just one representing team.

First prize totaling 20.000 Euros of Zagreb Connect to be awarded to the best startup, 10.000 Euros for the second best and the third prize of 7000 Euros. The 2016 edition of Zagreb Connect conference is made in collaboration with Croatian business angels network and EBAN Winter University in Zagreb.

Bootcamp is on the agenda for the opening day of Zagreb Connect, and the pitching sessions of the conference are reserved for 29th and 30th of November -the last two days of the event.

The boot camp is to take place at Kongresni Centar Zagrebačkog Velesajma, but the venue for the conference is Koncertna dvorana Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb.

More than 100 visiting startups, 400 angel investors and 500 students are expected to attend the 2 different locations planned for Zagreb Connect 2016.

More detailed information and additional contact info can be found on the Zagreb Connect 2016 official website but here is the list of all the 20 selected startup finalists.

45hc45HC.com (Slovenia)- digital company for overseas cargo transport



anglerAngler (Croatia)- mobile app for solving geometry problems using smartphone’s camera


balmarisBalmaris (Croatia)- innovative, eco-friendly ballast water treatment system



budgeteerBudgeteer (Croatia)- web application for management and planning online marketing budgets, tracking costs


feelif_logo  Feelif (Slovenia)- on-line accommodation booking reservation system



                          GoLexigo (Jamaica)- web app for correcting children’s handwriting

gowart  Gowaft  (G. Britain)- on-demand moving and delivery platform



happytovisitHAPPYtoVISIT (Croatia)- Live person 24/7 tourism customer support platform


kakis KAKIS positive toilets (Slovenia)- solar composting and water-treatment biomass growing technology

 Kidsykidsy (Denmark)- platform that simplifies communication between parents  and caretakers


Lionscube (B&H)-  SaaS (Software as a Service) web app



brushies myBrushies (Croatia)- toy or supplement to a toothbrush associated with      cell phone


nanodiyNanodiy (Croatia)- development of nanotechnology in the production of ink led


                    OCULUS DIAGNOSTIKA (Slovenia)- predicting Parkinson and Alzheimer

                    PET FINDER (Croatia)- GPS locator with additional opportunities for pets which works in real time


run-zagrebRun Zagreb (Croatia)-fitness and tourists app


shoproyalShoployal  (Ireland)- visit based loyalty system on iOS and Android with      shopping list


titunius2 TinitusOFF (Croatia)- mobile app that relieves Tinitus with music



trakbar Trakbar (Croatia)-smart business intelligence solutions for hospitality SME




 Vollo (Croatia)- online platform for cheap booking flights