HUB385 coworking center in Zagreb creates own tech academy

HUB385 coworking center announced the start of it’s tech academy opening next month in Zagreb, Croatia.

The academy is part of a knowledge creativity and innovation center HUB385. The workshops within the academy offer a combination of learning, research and discovering your own potential and they are adjusted to the needs, regardless of the previous background.

The idea behind the ambitious project is to develop a curriculum focused on results and adapted to different areas of expertise. Members of the academy will acquire tech knowledge and skills, demanded on the global job market in the fairly short amount of time.

Children’s courses on electronics/robotics and programming at the academy are on a basic and advanced level. They are designed for children from the age of seven up to twelve years old and the courses vary from logical games to the usage of Scratch- the programming language, developed by MIT media lab.

Adults can learn about Arduino, open-source electronic prototyping platform, Javascript and drone automation, 3D design and print masterclass but also and iOS app development. The academy also offers leadership courses for companies,  that are designed and taught by John Michael Anderson, one of the most respected authors and life coaches in the world.

HUB385 academy is open for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Amateurs individuals and enthusiasts who’d love to learn how to automatize a drone, develop a personal IOS app, or how to print and object in 3D are encouraged to apply and join. 


Image credit: HUB385

The selected teachers and mentors at HUB385 academy are experts in the fields of robotics, mechanics, programming, 3D printing, IoT and user experience design. Monthly fee in HUB385 academy is 4000 Kuni for adults and 350 for children. All applications and additional information can be found on the HUB385 official website.

„The academy was founded after an evident need for a specialized and efficient workshops that will provide education and will open the door to a dream career for anyone that’s interested. Regardless of their previous education and knowledge“- said Ivana Sholjan at the opening of the academy this week.

Since it’s opening at the beginning of this year, HUB385 coworking center quickly gained a reputation as a creative center for the booming domestic IT industry in Croatia, and with the help of several foreign experts, the center has since organized many events, workshops, and meetups.