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SF Wrapup #1 – Uber has arrived in Split, CarGo takes over the Balkans

SuperFounders Weekly #2 – Qualitance acquires LaunchPodium, Pirate Summit coming in Skopje, Car sharing app in Zagreb

SuperFounders Weekly #3 – B&H joins COSME, Eleven ranks #3 in Europe, Uber in Bulgaria

SuperFounders Weekly #4: Memgraph and MadBarz enter Techstars London Class, Bidi wins at Pirate Summit Skopje

SuperFounders Weekly #5: Amodo Receives Funding From Speedinvest, JIC Starcube open for Balkan, Kosovo – a Startup Opportunity

SuperFounders Weekly #6: Bulgaria allows only open source, CarGo faces charges for using PayPal, SCV Invests 1 Million € In Agrivi

SuperFounders Weekly #7: Startup Yard on a trip to the Balkans, Taxibeat service in Athens, Croatian Gaming is growing constantly

SuperFounders Weekly #8: Albanian startups to watch, pygmyTITAN makes every device smart, Pokemon Go startups

SuperFounders Weekly #9: Smart waste management in Croatia, Solaborate launches Hello on Kickstarter, First Smart City competition in Serbia

SuperFounders Weekly #11: StartLabs and SCV co-invest in WorkPlus; BodyRecog at the Olympics in Rio; Bulgaria ranks high on GII2016…