Techstars’s managing director Max Kelly to lecture at ZIP incubator in Zagreb

Max Kelly, the managing director of one of the best accelerators in the world-Techstars London, is set to give a Master Class lecture at the offices of ZIP incubator in Zagreb on November 2nd.

Kelly’s Master Class lecture at ZIP will be focussed on key trends in startups through the perspective of Techstars, one of the exciting accelerators in the world.  

What are the most exciting areas for investment? How can startups outside US and UK can manage to get into the most selective startup programs in the world? Those are also some of the topics which he will be discussing in Zagreb, so don’t miss out the opportunity to be there. Max Kelly and all the participants of the Master Class lecture will share experience, offer recommendations and transfer the passion for startup and entrepreneurship.


Image credit: Central Working

Max Kelly started his career at  L’Oreal but spent а total of 12 years at Virgin, first as a Corporate Development Director and then as Managing Director of Virgin Insight.

The lecture will take place at the offices of ZIP incubator in Zagreb, on 2nd of November with a kick off time of 17.30. Online reservations for attending can be made on Entrio, the official site for event ticket sales.

After the official part of the Master Class lecture, ZIP incubator will host an unofficial meetup for all attendees in order to get together and exchange previous experiences.