Katana startup accelerator to launch in Novi Sad

KATANA, a business accelerator funded and supported by the EU to be officially presented on 16th of November at the Novi Sad University in Serbia. The accelerator will distribute in total 1.2 million euros to European start-ups and SMEs and empower acceleration of new cutting-edge tech in agribusiness.

The business accelerator will focus on allowing startups to have a global competitiveness and to foster cross-border and cross-sector cooperation on the market. The open call for application for Katana accelerator begins on December 1st and the 10 best-selected startups will be supported with an investment of 100.000 euros.

Applications for the accelerator can be made on the official website of KATANA accelerator. Each team will be given the opportunity to present their idea, in a 2-minutes video pitch format. The criteria for evaluation of the pitches for the accelerator will be previous experience and current activities of the startups, understanding of the dynamics across the value chain and vision for new products/ services that are trying to pitch.

All KATANA applicants will be active in this community involvement and act as peer-to-peer evaluators of other teams and their pitches.