`MAGGIE`, an interaction startup, gets first prize and 20.000 kuna on a Hackathon contest

Image credit: Netokracija

`Maggie`, the Number One startup on the Croation Hackathon contest, won the first prize and went home with 20.000 kuna. Of course, this product was not alone. Supported by Croatian Telecom and Hubraum, there were three other teams that succeeded to profit from the competition. The winners were Ivan Voras, Bojan Opachak and Marijan Jureshich taking the first prize, then the team of Darian Shkarica, Oleg Jacob, Joseph Shalija and Marko Mijatovich the second prize and Dino Budilimich, Nice Acosta and Tamara Dick the third prize.

`Hack it`, organized and held by Croatian Telecom, set forth a new era in the virtual interaction, taking virtual communication on a whole new level. It gives a glimpse of a future full of communication robots, holograms, etc.

At first, there were more than 150 applicants out of which 40 entered the competition. The big interest of applicants, to succeed in winning one of the prizes, made Ana Pauzer, the project leader, believe there is a new door being opened to the world of communication development.

Imagine 24 hours of futuristic theme with 10 startups and their products. They all showed good ideas, however, one accelerated on the highest scale. To be brief, the champion startup `Maggie` came out as a brilliant communicator since it is a personal communication agent, able to talk to you in person, as a human would. It is a multitasking hack that functions on the basis of interviews, similar to everyday conversations.

Among the other startups, there were the Holotalk, the Vibespot, the Detim etc. The Holotalk team exposed the futuristic holographic communication, a program for you to interact with someone who lives far from you but you feel like he is right next to you. Diversily, the hack Vibespot is an app that goes right through your heart. When traveling, it offers you to leave an emotion so that users can view the map where you are at as a map of emotions. The Detim, another unique hack, proved that it is possible to interact with all hardware gadgets we use daily. Lets say you go home, start a video call on your PC, then switch to your smart TV and afterwards decide to go outdooes continuing all of that via your cell phone. Interesting, right?

To sum up, everyone did a good job at the competition. However, big congrats to the hero startup `Maggie`, worth the prize and the glory!