Croatian fintech Oradian partners with the world leading impact investing advisers Finance in Motion

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Croatian fintech company Oradian partners with one of the world leading advisers for impact investing Finance in Motion. This investment company was attracted to Oradian’s pioneering cloud-based platform Instafin, an all-in-one solution for microfinance institutions and banks looking to avoid large initial costs and improve current performance.

Antonio Separovic, Managing Director @ Oradian

This investment will help us to strengthen our product and ultimately, bring our Software-as-a-Service banking system to more of the world’s financially excluded microfinance institutions and rural banks“, said for Superfounders, Antonio Separovic, Managing Director at Oradian.

With more than €1.5 billion in assets under management and a great track record in emerging economies and developing countries, Separovic added, Finance in Motion is a major player in development finance.

„We expect to learn a lot from its experience in responsible finance and its work with leading service providers and partners in low- and middle-income economies. The investment from Finance in Motion is a strong endorsement of our Instafin platform and our approach to the market. We’re looking forward to working with the Finance in Motion team to promote financial inclusion in economically challenged regions“.

Finance in Motion invest for a first time in a fintech

For Finance in Motion this is the first investment made in the financial services technology sector better known as fintech.

Florian Meister, Managing Director @ Finance in Motion

We firmly believe in the transformative potential of financial services technologies such as Instafin“, said Florian Meister, Managing Director at Finance in Motion. „This product has established its ability to promote financial inclusion, one of our primary goals, by allowing microfinance institutions and banks to serve more customers, even in regions many people would be afraid to visit, let alone do business there. This product also eliminatesthe high costs associated with traditional hosted solutions, outlays that often create a significant market barrier for many institutions.”

Briefly, Instafin, enables microfinance institutions and banks, co-operatives and credit unions to serve the most rural clients affordably and effectively. Instafin team of technologists, finance specialists and economic development experts share a deep understanding of the very real challenges facing financial service providers in developing and frontier markets.

As for Oradian, this Croatian startup is the global technology provider developing solutions that enable financial inclusion. Their simple and intuitive cloud-based platform empowers financial institutions tackling the challenges to connect billions of potential clients at the base of the economic pyramid to financial services. They improve performance, access data in real-time, reduce costs and scale services quickly and efficiently.