South Central Ventures invests €2 million in Bulb Technologies

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South Central Ventures invested €2 million in the Croatian company Bulb Technologies, making its largest investment to date.

Bulb Technologies is a Croatian solution provider that delivers projects in telecommunications industry. The Bulb’s team is mostly focused on telecom management and Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions.

This partnership with South Central Ventures, says Vedran Rezar the co-founder of Bulb Technologies, will enable the company to move faster in expansion into the global telecom markets:

Vedran Rezar, co-founder @ Bulb Technologies

„Bulb Technologies helps telecom operators to deliver their key strategic priority today – super customer experience. Over the past ten years we have carried out numerous projects for the leading telecoms, and we are recognized as a partner of choice in telecom service management in Southeast Europe. Partnership with South Central Ventures will enable us to move faster in expansion into global telecom markets and in further enhancing our CEMPRESSO product suite’, said Rezar.

CEMPRESSO, the Bulb Technologies’ product, is a new-concept solution for customer support automation and knowledge management. It provides automated diagnostics and step-by-step guided troubleshooting of all telecom services. It also gives end-to-end visibility of the entire network, encompassing all infrastructure elements involved in service delivery.

With this investment, Jure Mikuz, the Managing Partner at South Central Ventures says, the Fund will support the global expansion of CEMPRESSO and Bulbs suite of proprietary products, making Bulb one of the leading suppliers of service assurance and CEM solutions to telecom operators worldwide.

Jure Mikuz, Managing Partner @ South Central Ventures

„I’m thrilled to welcome Bulb Technologies and its team members to our portfolio, because they have proven their ability to tackle one of the most demanding technology segments. We are confident that with our help Bulb will expand globally and help telecoms around the world improve their customer satisfaction, which is crucial for the retention of their clients“, pointed out Mikuz.

So far, Bulb has the leading telecom players as their clients using their portfolio. Deutsche Telecom, Croatia Telecom and Iskon, Telecom Austria, VIP, are just few to name.

As for the South Central Ventures, this fund has at its disposal 40 million euros, and its operating in the Balkan region supporting startups in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro. This Fund has already offices in Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje and is primarily dedicated to early stage and growth investments. Their goal is to fuel the international business expansion and growth of the most promising tech startups that can show traction and prove their potential to „make it big“.

Besides Bulb Technologies, they have also invested and supported Letz, CityExert, dryTools, Agrivi and WorkPuls.