2017 Bucharest Hackathon: These are the winners!

Innovation Labs, the pre-accelerate program for young entrepreneurs in Romania, has announced the 24 winners during the 5th edition of the Bucharest Hackathon that took place in Bucharest on 4-5 March, start-up.ro reported.

The winning teams now enter the pre-acceleration program backed by Tech Lounge and supported by Orange, Carrefour, Enel, BRD Groupe Societe General and the Romanian- American Foundation. The program includes a three-month training period, during which, they will meet their mentors on a weekly basis. This young entrepreneurs will also have access to the latest technologies in order to develop their concepts and prototypes toward a product of global impact.

Following the three months preparation, the teams will present their ideas at the Demo Day scheduled for 24th of May. During this event they will have an opportunity to pitch in front industry leaders, partners and angel investors.

During the two day event, sixty-two teams were scheduled for a 2-minute pitches, from which 41 made it to the Hackathon. The entrepreneurs were competing in six different categories: Agriculture, Cyber Security, Energy, Health & Lifestyle, Retail and Smart Cities. The winners were selected not only by the jury of the event, but also from the public votes.

Innovation Labs Facebook post announcing the 24 winning teams | Photo credit: Innovation Labs Facebook Page

Innovation Labs is a pre-accelerator for young tech founders and startups founded in 2013. The program targets students and graduates from technical universities and from communication, business and creative fields for the 3-month mentoring adventure of team work, intensive prototype development and mentorship, exploring Romania’s growing startup ecosystem.

Who are the winners?

A team presenting their ideas at the Hackathon competition | Photo credit: Innovation Labs Facebook Page

Smity – SMity presents a profile of city life accessible and understandable to people with diverse interests and professional guidance, as well as decision makers from the political and business experts, experts in public health, culture and infrastructure, urban, city residents or tourists.

Nix – is ​​a thin circular device that attaches easily lost valuable goods such as keys and wallet, making them easy to find.

KeepITfresh – is a solution that allows employees an effective monitoring supermarket shelves to identify products expired.

Visage Cloud – is an API for detection and identification of the face, based on a neural network

ScentSee – offers a helping hand to identify the most suitable perfumes based on personal characteristics such as lifestyle, personality traits, clothing items, favorite colors and price.

A team presenting their ideas at the Hackathon competition | Photo credit: Innovation Labs Facebook Page

AdGates – display allows non-intrusive and targeted advertising.

SwipeFit – enables a personalized and efficient exploration of clothing from online stores.

eRomania – creates a passionate consumer community support to Romanian agriculture by connecting manufacturers, stores and customers through an application.

Emma – is useful to those who have devices that require continuous power, alerting users if there are power interruptions.

Energo – has developed a solution for accurate assessment of fuel consumption and operating cost estimate for a company with an important logistics.

A team presenting their ideas at the Hackathon competition | Photo credit: Innovation Labs Facebook Page

Grid Watcher – allows identification of abnormalities in the provision of energy from the data supplied by sensors and using a communication system in real time.

Medic Chat – enables users to receive online consultations and possibility to ask doctors questions about health. Thus is created a bridge of communication with doctors of different specializations, video call, audio call, text message, etc.

Brite Smile – is an application that allows companies to offer employees quality dental insurance.

iCare – is a software system dedicated to supporting children with autism.

Sune – is a smart cap that monitors UV exposure of children using the associated application to inform parents.

G-Axis – offers an LED vest specially made for motorcyclists and cyclists dedicated to the prevention of traffic accidents.

TremDix – is ​​a diagnostics and monitoring device for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Nightingale – is an automated medication dispenser. The solution is dedicated to people who have difficulties in combining the correct dosage of medication and providing needed medication at the appropriate times. The solution notify both patients and caregivers.

A team presenting their ideas at the Hackathon competition | Photo credit: Innovation Labs Facebook Page

NetCrack – is a security testing solution for computer networks based on the automation of diagnostic elements.

PenTest Tools – is an online service that allows users with a medium or high level of technical skills to test their own security of a site.

Tarab – is an application that connects small farmers directly with people interested in buying agricultural products from the manufacturer.

YardLabs – is a solution collecting information from the environment and sending notifications regarding the evolution of the vine.

UrbanGardener – offers a tower that allows growing vegetables using a technology using only dedicated nutrient solutions.

SmartPot – is designed to support a plant automatically, without human intervention, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions.