MVP Academy announces the 2017 finalists

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11 tech startups have been selected as finalists for the 4th edition of MVP Academy accelerator, the Academy announced, reported.

Bogdan Iordache, Program Director of MVP Academy | Photo credit: MVP Academy

It was a very challenging selection process. We have had so many well-developed startups that applied for our program, and we had to select the best 11 startups with the most mature businesses. The MVP Academy community, mentors and alumni alike, have provided an incredible support in identifying the best new teams and products. Congratulations to the all who made it into the program, the challenging part is yet to come: together with the teams we will go through nine weeks of hard work designed to prepare these companies for the global market.” said Bogdan Iordache, Program Director of MVP Academy Accelerator, reported.

Starting this Monday (March 6) for whole nine weeks, these startups will go through 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with local and global experts that are part of this Academy. Together with their mentors they will define their business development strategy, their product futures, the product market fit and will practice their investment pitch scheduled for May 8 during the MVP Academy Demo Day. 

As reported these startups will also have a chance to raise an investment through MVP Angels, the angel investors network associated with the acceleration program, in exchange for a minority stake in the company.

This year the Academy will take place at TechHub Bucharest in partnership with CyberGost VPN and support of Bitdefender, Microsoft Romania and Raiffeisen Bank. With USD 1 million budget, the startups will have access not only to finance but other tools and services that will help them to develop their products faster.

MVP Academy was launched in 2014 by TechHub Bucharest. According to the the total financing of all the MVP Academy alumni until now is EUR 1.7 million. Companies such as Axosuits, InnerTrends, Reflex, Urby and TypingDNA have been a part of the program during previous editions.

Who are the finalists?

This year finalist are startups coming from different industries such as fintech, biotech & 3D Printing, industrial automation, retail, security, software development tools and sports & entertainment.

BOX2M – a technology infrastructure that develops devices and software programs to monitor and control IoT industrial systems.

CoinFlux – Founded in 2015, CoinFlux is a cryptocurrency exchange service that operates in the European Union with focus on providing an easy and inexpensive solution for everyone to interact with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, litecoin and others

Cyber Alter Ego – a browser extension that protects the user’s identity against cyber attacks.

FeedCheck – an online platform that collects and analyses the reviews of the products sold through online shops.

Froala – helps developers build and edit beautiful websites with products focused on UX (user experience), innovation and customer care.

PixTeller – an online tool that can be used by anyone to improve and simplify the design process.

Profluo – a digital platform that uses data to help SMBs to define and develop a personalized business process.

Road Grand Tours – a multiplayer online world that creates a virtual reality to allow bikers to explore the best roads in the world from the comfort of their home.

SkillView – an online interviewing platform designed to help companies interview and hire candidates faster and efficiently.

Symme3D Biotech – the first Romanian independent producer that develops a 3D printing machine for various avascular living tissue and blood vessels from stem cells.

Wyliodrin – provides a software development platform together with advanced educational services and products designed specifically for IoT.