Romanian startup iRewind acquired by Swiss Yoveo

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The acquisition of iRewind made by the Swiss Yoveo, the leading Swiss specialist in video strategies and technologies, is the latest exit of yet another Romanian startup. Just two days ago, as Superfounders reported, Romanian company CyberChost was bought by the Israeli Crossrider.

In the press release made by the Yoveo, the company says this acquisition will allow them to consolidate and further develop a wide range of services in the rapidly growing field of video micro moments, particularly for sports events.

“iRewind is a pioneer in the market for video micro-moments and has succeeded in building up an impressive reach within a short time”, Marco Demont, co-Founder of YOVEO says.

Andreas Herren, co-Founder of YOVEO | Photo credit: YOVEO official website

Andreas Herren, co-Founder of YOVEO and responsible for product development adds:

“Because of the experience of iRewind in the area of video automation, we can add innovative features for our partners and accelerate the process of offering customized and smart video solutions to our customers, such as sponsors and timers, for use at events.”

According to the official report, iRewind tech department lead by Mihai Nicolescu , who is a CTO and Co-Founder at this startup, will continue to operate out of Bucharest and, together with the Zurich-based tech center, will further develop the iRewind product in many areas, such as highly scalable video bulk processing, automation and computer vision.

Bogdan Manoiu, iRewind Co-Founder and CEO | Photo credit: iRewind official website

“We are incredibly grateful for the passion and dedication of the entire iRewind team”, says iRewind Co-Founder and CEO Bogdan Manoiu.

“We founded iRewind with the core belief that the video memories we deliver mean future happiness to share. YOVEO has a portfolio of great video products and innovative technologies under development and by combining these with iRewind’s capabilities, we will provide sports participants as well as sponsors, organizers and timing companies with exceptional value.”

Active in 23 countries, iRewind is a software solution that automatically captures, edits and delivers instantly personalized videos to participants in sports events. The company was founded in 2013 by three Romanian entrepreneurs and currently is based I Lausanne, Switzerland. To date, it has provided the solution to more than 300 events across the globe with over 1 million videos delivered.

As for the Yoveo, this company was founded in 2015 by a team with more than 40 years of combined experience in the video industry. The company develops video products and acts as a partner on content, production and technology topics.