Slovenian Vendotel rolls out smart city kiosks in Croatia in partnership with Hrvatski Telekom

Vendotel CEO, Samo Omerzel during the installation of the smart city kiosk in Zadar | Photo credit: Hrvatski Telekom

Slovenian startup Vendotel in partnership with Hrvatski Telekom installs the very first smart city kiosk in Zadar Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom announced.

“The installed smart city kiosk“,  the mayor of Zadar, Božidar Kalmeta state, as hrvatska-danas reported, “provide a broad range of publicly available services required in the modern life both of the citizens and the tourists in Zadar, in accordance with the development strategy of the city of Zadar and in line with the Smart City concept. The existing locations are being revitalised by this project through the construction of a segment of Smart City infrastructure, whilst simultaneously providing the potential for the development of additional digital services as an integral part of the Smart City, such as ‘Smart Sensing’ that enables informative measurement of environmental parameters”.

Smart city kiosk in Zadar | Photo credit: Hrvatski Telekom

Reportedly, the aim of this project is to list Zadar among the list of the so called Smart Cities, such as New York and London, but ultimately to transform the payphones in a greater service to the citizens and tourists. Accordingly, by the end of this week, another 10 payphone wil be instaled in Zadar.

Briefly these smart city kiosks enable free wi-fi network, as well as opportunity for citizens and tourists to purchase both parking tickets and inter-city transport tickets.

As stated in the press release, BitCoin, Simpa, and BonBon Start packages, phone cards and vouchers for mobile phones of all operators, are also available.

For now, this is a six-month pilot project launched by Hrvatski Telekom in co-operation with its key partner Vendotel, which was selected among 15 most successful start-up companies throughout Europe, out of 500 companies. But, reportedly, other partners also participated in the implementation, such as Infoart Group, a company that provided the opportunity of parking ticket purchase through Igeus integration platform, and the start-up Vollo, the company that won the last year’s competition “Startup Factory Zagreb”, which integrated the system for viewing, reservation, and purchase of tickets for intercity transport.

Founded in 2015, by Slovenian Samo Omerzel, Vendotel is a startup company that produces Smart City Platform to integrate into existing booths so consumers can get almost everything they need in one place. For example, pay bills, recharge their mobile phones, buy and fill up the card for public transport or buy sweets, a USB key, or just have an access to free internet. The first installation of these payphones was made in January 2016.