Greek startup accelerator StageOne marks its fifth anniversary

The Greek StageOne accelerator program for pre-seed stage startups has reached a big landmark in their operation, in celebrating their fifth anniversary. StageOne is organized by the Innovation Farm company, which also implements the StageTwo accelerator program for seed stage startups, the Business Angels Forum and various other innovation support activities. It is important to note that StageOne was the first accelerator in Greece organized outside the Attica area (Greater Athens) and the first program to be implemented in different cities throughout Northern Greece.

“Our path wasn’t easy, and we had to learn from our mistakes in the organization of the program, how to adapt it to meet the needs of the local micro-ecosystems, and people’s projects and startups. We are thankful to all those who contributed to this important collective effort, such as Innovation Farm’s co-founders and team (past and present), interns and volunteers”, the StageOne’s team announced.

The program has been carried in full acceleration mode for 13 weeks, for 6 batches so far in 5 different cities: Ksanthi, Veria, Drama, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli. Additionally, many weekend boot-camps were organized, and many in-house/corporate and virtual meeting took place as well.

Argyris Spyridis, the co-founder of Innovation Farm, the company that launched the StageOne Accelerator, in his Facebook post stated the following:

“5 Years of hard work filled with precious experiences… the program continues”, wrote Spyridis on Facebook.

StageOne is a practical introduction to the planning, formation, and realization of a Pre-Seed Entrepreneurial Venture. The acceleration process is organized by Innovation Farm and runs in cooperation with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki.

The program is an initial step in the process of making and running a Startup business beginning from the conception and incubation of an innovative business idea until it becomes a complete and promising concept for pitching to possible investors.

StageOne accelerator also served as a base for StageTwo Accelerator, which ran last year for the 1st time and incubated 9 teams at investor readiness/go2market level.

Innovation Farm on the other hand is a team of people dedicated to building Innovative practices, services and products for individuals, businesses and organizations. This company creates or optimize concepts, match-make investors and inventors, help companies build innovation culture or transform their business model.