Stillfront Acquires Romanian gaming company eRepublik Labs for €7,5 million

The Bucharest eRepublic team/ featured photo credit: eRepublic Labs website

Swedish Stillfront group has acquired the Romanian gaming company eRepublik Labs for 7,5 million EUR, the group has announced.

Reportedly, Stillfront will acquire the total 100% of the eRepublik’s share. Upon the acquisition fo eRepublik Labs, as reported by the company, Stillfront will pay 4.050.000 EUR in cash, whereas the remaining 3.450.000 EUR will be spent on 441,233 newly issued shares in Stillfront.

Jörgen Larsson, CEO at Stillfront Group / Photo credit: Larsson’s LinkedIn profile

”eRepublik fits perfectly into Stillfront’s strategy PLEX by broadening Stillfront’s portfolio of studios and games with characteristics that drive long term gamer retention”, said the CEO at Stillfront Group, Jörgen Larsson. “The acquisition forms an important part of the realization of Stillfront’s growth strategy. It is with pleasure I today welcome Alexis and the whole team at eRepublik to the Stillfront family”.

This acquisition, as Alexis Bonte the CEO and Co-Founder at eRepublik says, will reinforce their position both on global and local markets:

”I am enthusiastic about eRepublik merging with Stillfront. We share the same goals and vision and I am convinced that this will add great strategic value to both companies, by becoming part of a larger family that reinforces our position both on the global and local markets”.

Alexis Bonte, CEO and Co-Founder at eRepublik / Photo credit: Bonte’s LinkedIn profile

Founded in 2007 in Dublin and Bucharest by Alexis Bonte (CEO) and George Lemnaru, eRepublik Labs is a prize winning game studio. Its first game, “” was a pioneer in online free to play browser games, with more than 7 million players worldwide. eRepublik also develops and publishes the games ’Age of Lords’ (launched in 2015) which is a mobile game in the MMORPG-genre and ‘World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO’, a mobile strategy game which has experienced strong growth since its launch in October 2016 and now has over 3.5 million players.

eRepublik Labs now has an international team of 34 with offices in Dublin, Bucharest and a partner studio in Madrid.

As for the Stillfront, it is an independent creator, publisher, and distributor of digital games – with a vision to become one of the leading indie game creators and publishers. Stillfront operates through seven near-autonomous subsidiaries: Bytro Labs in Germany, Coldwood Interactive in Sweden, Power Challenge in the UK and Sweden, Dorado Online Games in Malta, Simutronics in the United States, Babil Games in UAE and Jordan, and eRepublik Labs in Dublin, Ireland and Bucharest, Romania. Stillfront’s games are distributed globally. The main markets are Sweden, Germany, the United States and MENA.