South Central Ventures invests €200k in medical booking platform Virtus Vita

The Balkan Innovation investment Fund – Social Central Ventures (SCV), has just announced their new investment, this time in the medical booking platform Virtus Vita. The total investment is, as reported by, € 200,000 and it will be used for the launching of the first-ever online booking platform in medical tourism, named ”BoookNowMed”.

According to the SCV press release, this investment will help the company launch their platform and scale the company worldwide.

Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures / Photo credit: Kobler’s LinkedIn profile

“We are excited to work with Virtus Vita on digitizing and scaling their booking platform. The company is obviously delivering enormous value to renal patients and is well-positioned to completely reshape this specific medical tourism niche” said Jan Kobler, managing partner at SCV.

Founded in 2012, by Antonios-Aris Bailan, Virtus Vita is a global dialysis & travel company with a vision to revolutionize the medical tourism sector with their state of the art medical booking platform. Apart from Serbia, this company has offices in Cyprus too. They are solely focused on Renal Care and Holiday Dialysis partnering with 400+ certified clinics in 43 countries. Through partnerships with 60 National & Local Kidney Patient Associations in 20 countries, they have access to 1,2 million renal patients globally.

Now, with their new platform BookNowMed (BNM), initiated as part of their business development strategy to use digital technologies, their vision is to become number one online booking platform for medical tourism.

Antonios-Aris Bailan, Founder & Executive Director at Virtus Vita / Photo credit: Bailan’s LinkedIn profile

“Our vision is for BNM to become the #1 online booking platform for medical tourism, making all steps of the booking process a stress-free experience for all”, said Bailan.

The aim of the platform, according to their founder is to provide real-time availability for booking treatments; connecting medical travelers with the world’s largest network of medical facilities. Real-time availability will drastically simplify the current booking process from a number of days to a matter of minutes, he explains. Their ultimate goal is to reshape the booking process, not only for renal healthcare but for a variety of specialized treatments, too.

With offices in Belgrade, Zagreb and Skopje, South Central Ventures (SCV) on the other hand, through the Enterprise Innovation Fund (ENIF), is focused on tech companies in the Balkans.

The € 40 million fund is dedicated primarily to early stage and growth investments. Within the fund’s ‘seed pocket’, € 1.5 million is allocated for investments of up to € 100 000 per company. The majority of the fund is allocated for early stage and growth investments of up to € 3 million per company. These investments are intended to fuel the international business expansion and growth of the most promising tech startups that can show traction and prove their potential to “make it big”.

Virtus Vita is the 10th company that SCV invested in in the western Balkan.