RO-WIN launches “Entrepreneur Diaspora Start-up Guide” – funding up to 35,000 euros

The funding provided by Ro-Win through the “Diaspora Start-Up” program is non-refundable and can reach up to 35,000 euros, depending on the project submitted.

In order to facilitate the application process, Ro-Win – Succes in Romania, one of the European Grant Administrators, launched the Start-Up Diaspora Entrepreneur’s Guide, a synthesis of all the requirements and steps that must be taken by those who wish to apply this type of funding.

“Bureaucracy is the main obstacle the Romanians in Diaspora see in opening a business in Romania. The lack of funding sources is second, far from other factors. We can solve both problems. In order for this to happen, those interested should be able to apply easily, regardless of the program they choose. That’s why we created the guide, “said Mihai Zant, Managing Partner Reviro.

In the first months of the year, the Ro-Win team had a series of meetings with Romanians from France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Denmark or the United Kingdom. Most have asked for such a synthesis because the documentation is ample and the eligibility conditions seem complicated at first glance.

“We met with Romanians living in many European cities, from Paris or London to Nantes or Manchester. Everyone wants to build a business in Romania, but they want to be supported. The guide is one of our ways to support, along with the entrepreneurship course and a series of webinars, resources that we offer free of charge, “added Mihai Zânt.

The Contractor’s Guide brings clarifications on the application process so that those interested can easily navigate through the documentation, scoring system of the projects submitted, what are the expenses and the areas of activity eligible, as well as other information that a Romanian from abroad needs wants to open a business in Romania. The document can be downloaded for free .

In order to obtain funding, applicants must also go through an online entrepreneurial course offered free of charge by Ro-Win. At the end of this course, applicants will develop a business plan.

All graduates will be able to opt for a business plan built during the 3 months in the Ro-Win project competition as part of the Diaspora Start-up European grant scheme. Of the course graduates, 36 will receive grants of 35,000 euros, plus mentoring and counseling services worth more than 10,000 euros. More details are available here .

Ro-Win – Success in Romania is a non-reimbursable grant and support project of over € 45,000, part of the Diaspora Start-Up program, funded by the European Union and the Government of Romania through the 2014-2020 Human Capital Operational Program (POCU). The Ro-Win project partners are the EDUCATIVA Group, REVIROAssociation – about which I wrote a lot more on , Impact Hub Bucharest and GEA Strategy & Consulting.