Editorial Intelligence start-up Content Insights raises €2.1m to expand globally

Content Insights Team / Photo: Content Insights' official website

Serbian editorial intelligence start-up, Content Insights, raised 2.1 M EUR in a seed round led by South Central Ventures (SCV) and by existing investors North Base Media and Neveq, local media reported, making 4M EUR of total funds raised by the company to date. As stated by its founders, Content Insights will use this injection to strengthen their team in Serbia, to boost their growth and become a profitable startup,  and to further expand worldwide, especially on the US market.

Dejan Nikolic, Founder & CEO of Content Insights / Photo: Content Insights’ website

“We expect the raised funds to help us scale sales and marketing efforts, especially in our drive to the US market which we expect to fully “hit” in Q3/Q4 this year. The experience of the SCV partners and their network will be utilized for the same goals and we are thrilled to be able to work with such talented and committed partners. Content Insights is known for choosing investors not just for the funds but by what they can contribute to our business. Our investors so far are former managing editor of Wall Street Journal, former executive editor of The Washington Post, COO of Reuters-Thompson etc”, said Dejan Nikolic, Founder & CEO of Content Insights.

Founded in 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia by Dejan Nikolic, Dragutin Miletic and Ilija Susa, Content Insights is a robust, powerful and extremely user-friendly editorial analytics tool that turns Big Data into easy reading. The team of 35 employees aims to help online publishers and content creators to make sense of the ever-growing amount of data coming from a multitude of sources.  At the moment, besides their offices in Novi Sad, Serbia they have opened offices in Sofija, Bulgaria and Boston, US. Reportedly, Ringer Axel Springer, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Diario Noticias, Daily Mail Group, South China Morning Post and De Persfroep are just a few of the many clients they provide their services worldwide.

SCV as the leading investor in this round sees this investment as a contribution a super product to be created, a product that will revolutionize the media world.

Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at SCV / Photo: Kobler’s LinkedIn profile

“We are truly excited to be able to partner and contribute to further growth of Content Insights. The team has been able to build a scalable business around a unique and technologically superior product, which we believe will revolutionize the way journalists and content creator measure, monitor and monetize their content. I would say the company offers a “red pill” to the media landscape in which probably most of us feel increasingly over-news and under-informed”, said Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures.

Additionally,  according to SCV press release, the content marketing and advertising market is predicted to reach $319 billion by 2019. Hence they estimate that the Content Insights’ services and products will play a big part in publishing, native advertising, programmatic and content recommendation markets.