Diatomic: Second Startup Call with up to € 200,000 funding

Tech, Business support, Microelectronics electronic components , sensors,

The Diatomic announces the second and final call for experimental applications, offering a total of € 1.610.000 funding plus acceleration services to leading startups and SMEs.

DIATOMIC, a network of digital innovation nodes – under the auspices of the European Community initiative Smart Anything Everywhere, aims to accelerate market entry in solutions including electronic components, sensors, intelligent items in the health, food and agricultural sectors industry. For this reason, DIATOMIC offers acceleration programs from 9 to 15 months and provides up to € 1,610,000 free funding. Selected consortia will receive up to € 200,000 for each experiment.

Selection criteria

• Only small consortia with a maximum of 3 partners from the European Union and countries associated with the H2020 program will be considered.

• The consortium should include technology providers in advanced microelectronics and integration of intelligent systems (eg Competence Centers) as well as technology/user application entities, ie: start-ups or small and medium-sized enterprises active in health, agri-food and food industry.

• Consortia should be managed by industrial partners – small and medium-sized enterprises. DIATOMIC also provides support for partner search and reconciliation.

• The value of the solution to the European economy and society should be demonstrated. The minimum technological readiness (TRL) required when submitting the proposal is 3, with the aim of digitizing products/processes.

The top consortia selected after the call deadline of 31 January 2019 will participate in an intensive acceleration program, designed around 3 steps, each of which brings you a step closer to market entry:
“Design, “Development”, “Trade”.

Some of the most important benefits include :

– up to € 200,000 free of charge per application experiment,
– personalized technical and business development support,
– innovative test and experimental facilities,
– awareness raising, interconnection, networking activities,
– access to investment opportunities.

The deadline for applications is January 31, 2019. Applications must be submitted using the website. Information on the application process can be found at diatomic.eu. For questions or partner search support topics, please contact