Two weeks until the greatest startup gathering in Europe – Disrupt Berlin 2018 : A guide for startups

In just two weeks from now Berlin will host the largest startup event in Europe  – TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018. With 2600 attendees last year this event broke so many records as the most visited event internationally building itself a reputation for a gathering where revolutionary start-ups are debuting and an event where greatest game-changing technologies are introduced. With records like this, Disrupt Berlin became the most important key event among the startup and tech industries.

On 29th and 30th November this year, all registered participants will have a unique opportunity, at the very heart of Arena Berlin, to hear from the world leading investors and top-notch technology experts. For the early stage companies, this would be their once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase their talents and technologies, thus promoting their services and projects. In case you still haven’t saved your place at this world known event, there is still a chance for that. You can still secure your presence by purchasing a ticket on this link. with 15% discount promo code: SUPERFOUNDERS

A glimpse of how the Main Stage of Disrupt Berlin looks like / Photo: ITU News

Besides the Main Stage where you’ll hear the latest developments in the tech industry and where you’ll have the opportunity to first-hand witness the stories of the top-notch speakers, Disrupt Berlin offer you much more. In the very center of the Arena Berlin, you’ll find the Startup – Alley where over 400 pre-series A startups and sponsors will be showcasing their latest tech products, platforms and services. This provides everyone with a great opportunity to network and speak face to face with their peers, with their potential clients and their potential investors. In case you feel like your story is worth to be showcased and presented in this Alley, you can secure your exhibition stand here.  If you are just looking for more info and detail on why Startup-Alley is the greatest exhibition you can visit, take a look at this Superfounder’s aricle.

Should you like to make your visit more meaningful and worth it, you can sign for a CrunchMatch, another advantage that this event provides, an online platform that help you pick by yourself who you would like to meet, thus eliminate the hassle of missed opportunities where your story won’t be heard.

Last but not least, especially important for the early-stage startups is the Startup Battlefield. Especially known among pre-Series A startups, this competition give the new stars in the starupt scene to compete for the coveted Disrupt Cup, won a $50.000 prize, and grab the attention of the most prominent media and investors. Unfortunately the applications for this competition are already closed, but even so, just by observing the competition from the audience stand of point, you can get a direct experience on what the judges are focused on and prepare yourself and your team to beat the stage next year.

What are the topics and who are the speakers?


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,  Blockchain, Fintech, Healthtech/Biotech, Hardware, Robotics, IoT (Internet of Things), Mobility &  Gaming are among the hottest topic that are to be covered during this two-day event. But what’s making this edition even hotter are  the topics related to the space exploration, rockets and spacecraft. Mike Collett, Founder and Managing Partner at the VC Promus Ventures and Frank Salzgeber from the European Space Agency are the two speakers that will explain more on this futuristic modern technology.

To learn more on the topics, speakers and the agenda take a look at the latest Superfounder’s post here.

Of course this event wouldn’t be as successful and as important if it is not for the Q&A sessions. For all those interested to dive deeper into the issues of their importance, these sessions provides a great opportunity to engage directly with the speakers and better understand and solve the dilemmas they are dealing with.

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