Polish biotech Genomtec receives €2 million to further develop their R&D

Genomtec's team / Photo: Genomtec website

Polish Genomtec, the first startup in the world based on molecular diagnostics, has received €2 million, the company announced. The money was secured through the Fast Track competition, a flagship initiative made by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR). Reportedly, the company will use the grant to further develop their Research & Development (R&D) department, more specifically for mass production and global commercialization of their latest solution – a mobile laboratory for human diagnostic.

Genomtec LinkedIn announcement

“The funds from “Fast Track” will allow us to finalize our product for mobile molecular diagnostics. The next step will be mass production and global commercialization of the Genomtec ID device. There is no such solution in the world. Soon the diagnosis of Lyme disease, respiratory tract infections, cerebrospinal meningitis in children, or Staphylococcus aureus infection will be a matter of minutes”, says Miron Tokarski, the Genomtec’s founder, Polish website masmstartup reports.

Miron Tokarski / Founder and CEO at Genomtec / Photo: Genomtec archive

Founded in 2016 in Wroclaw Poland, Genomtec is the first technology in the world based on the standards of molecular diagnostics. This solution, according to the company, proves to be a breakthrough solution, which does not require the support of experienced diagnostics or modern laboratories. Instead, they provide fast, cheap and reliable diagnostics in only a matter of minutes. Their latest solution, Genomtec ID, in just 15 minutes is able to identify dangerous pathogens including viruses, bacteria or fungi with close to 100% accuracy.

The Polish National Centre for Research and Development, on the other hand, is an agency established by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education to support the Polish research units and enterprises in developing their abilities to create and use solutions based on scientific research results in order to encourage economy development and to the benefit of society.

Guided by the slogan “from idea to industry”, their current focus of interest are research and development projects that are run by entrepreneurs and scientists, and whose results find practical application in the economy.