Romanian startup Postis raises 1.4 million euros

Postis team / Photo:

Romanian startup Postis raises 1.4 million Euros, Romanian media reported. The companies that led the funding so far remain undisclosed. Reportedly, the new funds will be used for Postis to further expand in Europe.

In a year, this is the second investment that the startup managed to attract, thus making the total funding worth of nearly 2 million euros. Moreover, with the latest investment Postis has tripled the market value of the company in just one year thus scaling from 1.2 million to 6 million euros.

Mircea Stan, CEO and Founder @ Postis / Photo: Stan’s LinkedIn profile

“With this investment, Postis becomes one of the fastest-growing Romanian companies. The company started with an investment of EUR 100,000 from our own funds, then in early 2018 we raised the first funding of EUR 0.5 million, and this year we managed to attract new funding worth EUR 1.4 million,” said Mircea Stan, CEO at Postis. According to him, the investment will be used to support the accelerated growth of the company and the expansion of other markets in Europe.

Founded in 2016, Postis is a Romanian startup that has developed a platform through which national and international retail companies can streamline their entire delivery process. So far, the company has made partnerships with world renewed companies. Reportedly the startup has concluded partnerships with major market players such as Flanco, Ikea, Elefant, Frisbo, as well as courier, logistics or retail companies. The success of the company is also seen by the fact that the company is rapidly growing reaching to more than 1.7 million orders at the moment.

What initially started as an idea of building a B2C platform that gives customers access to multiple transport partners and different single-point delivery options, soon scale up to courier service, proving to be a solution for streamlining delivery operations, especially in peak times such as BlackFriday or the Holidays. At the same time, Postis offers traceability and tracking functions, including return and cash on delivery. Together with the reporting and analytic operations, this startup provides an improved delivery performance and higher customer satisfaction for all companies that use their platform.

Another very important advantage for customers, as the Postis team reported is the return management, the customer being able to see the status of the order at any moment, as well as the total cost of return products, for each order, there is in the system the declared value of the goods.

Postis is also available as an easy-to-use mobile application that manages the traceability of orders, captures proof of delivery from a single device. This mobile application has been already used by many European companies, such as KLG Europe.