Croatian global leader in omnichannel Infobip consider going public on U.S. IPO

Part of the Infobip team / Photo:

Infobip, a Croatian technology company and a global leader in omnichannel engagement, is considering going public thus accelerating its expansion on the U.S. market, Bloomberg reported.

The Infobip’s Co-Founder and CEO, Silvio Kutic confirmed this info in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. As reported, this Croatian company has been considering this option for some time now, and it is definitely the direction they want to follow.

Silvio Kutic, Co-Founder and CEO of Infobip / Photo: Infobip’s Twitter account

“A public listing (IPO) is something that we are discussing at the moment. We are constantly thinking, checking, when to go in this direction and maybe in the next few months, half a year, a year, there shall be a decision,” says Kutic, Bloomberg reported.

Even though the IPO procedure is yet to be finalized, what’s definitive is the expansion on the U.S. market. The company has recently opened their second office there.

“We are now preparing for our big push. Today, about 35% of our revenue comes from U.S.-based customers, but these are the digital native companies from Silicon Valley, who operate with us internationally”, says Kutic for Bloomberg.

Being largely present on Asian, African and Latin American markets, still Kutic sees U.S. market as a market that will provide them with more liquidity and better exposure on exchanges. “It would be the crown on our works”, Kutic concludes.

Founded in 2006, Infobip is a technology company that innovates at the intersection of internet and telecoms technologies, creating new ways and opportunities for businesses and their end users to interact over mobile devices. The company serves and partners with leading mobile operators, OTTs, banks, social networks, tech companies and aggregators, offering them omnichannel engagement with their customers thus powering a broad range of messaging channels, tools and solutions.

As reported by the company, Burger King, Uber Technologies Inc., Viber and WhatsApp are just few of the world known companies that use their services and products.

Interestingly, from its founding until now, the company has come to almost half million euros in revenues last year without any VC investment or funding. Every investment so far has been made by the founders themselves and by their employees (1750 so far).

Namely the latter, according to Kutic, is what makes this company successful. The company function on a base of ESOP (Employe Stock Ownerhip Plan). Employees own 10% of the shares in the company, and the rest of the shares are shared among the three founders, Silvio Kutic, Izabel Jelenic and Roberto Kutic.

In a statement for Croatian Web portal Netokracija he confirms that it was crucial for them to develop an ESOP through which employees are involved in the development of the company.

“A program like this will be a proof that it is worthwhile to build loyalty and build a business, not just looking for a short-term benefits”, Kustic says. Being part of building the company employees not only benefit from the capital the company gains, but also gain knowledge and experience on how to build new companies, he explains.

Given the learning process, Kutic is convinced that Infobip is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs and smart investors who will disrupt the domestic and regional startup scene. Similar to what has been done by so called “PayPal mafia” and “Skype mafia”.