Forbes ranks ride sharing app Car:Go in the top 10 disruptive companies in 2019

CarGo, the first ride-sharing service in Belgrade, Serbia is listed among the ten most disruptive companies in 2019 by the distinguished magazine Forbes, the company announced. The list showcases 10 companies that are “using technology to make their mark on the fields of investment, employment, transportation, construction, and more”.

For Vuk Guberinic, Founder and CEO at CarGo Technologies, also the one responsible for the Cargo app, this is not only great recognition for the platform and the company, but for the entire country, too.

Vuk Guberinic, Founder and CEO at CarGo / Photo: CarGo website

“When we started developing the app four years ago, we honestly never dreamed of such success and that great recognition. I am proud and would like to thank to all our engineers, team members, everyone who supported and directed us. First and foremost – I want to thank our employees. They are the heart of our software, they are our driving force and motive to move on. This is an emotional moment for all of us, and the fact that we stand side by side with the most innovative companies in the whole world is a big deal for Serbia”, said Guberinic.

The Forbes recognition, Guberinic added, is a pledge for the future and an obligation for CarGo to reach the goal from the very beginning – to become part of every family.

Aleksandar Vucic, president of the CarGo Citizens Association, says that the Forbes recognition encourages their cooperation with CarGo Technologies in developing other services for association members.

Founded in 2015 in Serbia, CarGo is the first ride-sharing service in Belgrade, looking to expand regionally and globally. The startup has been designed to be fast, reliable, and easy. Once the app is install on the phone it allows CarGo’s drivers to find the user fast and take them to their wanted destination. The app uses pre-payment system, ensuring the ride to be paid by the time the user get to his station.

“10-disruptive-technology-companies-to-watch-in-2019” is the topic of the Article published on Forbes

To date, according to Forbes, the company has over 600,000 registered users and over 3,000 partners willing to provide roadside services. At the moment the platform is expanding its services to Vienna, Zurich and St.Tropez.

Besides riding, the startup has introduced additional services to their platform, such as food delivery and payment app.

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