Will Bugatti cooperate with Rimac Automobili on an electric crossover

2020 Bugatti SUV / Photo: www.motor1.com/

French high-performance luxury brand Bugatti is allegedly considering developing all electric crossover and for that purpose, as rumor has it, will cooperate with Croatian tech automobile company specialized in electric hypercars – Rimac Automobili. The information on this possible cooperation, so far, is nor confirmed nor denied by the involved companies.

The news has been brought to the world by the prominent American Automobile magazine without revealing the sources. While the sources are undisclosed and the news still seem to be mere speculation, the article gives a detailed report on the possible cooperation.

Rimac Automobili is a technology powerhouse, manufacturing electric hypercars and providing full technology solutions to global automotive manufacturers/ Photo: Superfounders Archive

Reportedly, as the magazine has been told, Bugatti is considering all-electric crossover a technology that is a strong suit of Rimac automobili. The cooperation comes to mind through the German automobile manufacturer Porcshe, part of Volkswagen Group, who has recently became minority shareholder at Rimac Automobili by owning 10% of Rimac’s shares. According to the same magazine Rimac is even willing to sell its C_Two rolling chassis, complete with batteries and control electronics for the development of the Bugatti’s crossover.

Herbert Diess, CEO at VW Group / Photo: VW official website

This yet unconfirmed information follows after Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess visited Bugatti’s Headquarters Molsheim last month “presumably in an effort to help chart the marque’s future”. But, according to the same magazine, behind this meeting is a possible cooperation and plan on developing a crossover.

Aside Rimac Automobili, the magazine is also referring to German EDAG as a company who will develop the design of Bugatti’s crossover and Canadian Magna where the production should happen.

Should this be the case, Automobile is speculating that Bugatti would sell approximately 600 crossovers with a price tag starting at $850.000, with special models exceeding seven figures sum.

Until the official statement come, it should be mentioned that this is not a first time to be speculated that Bugatti is preparing itself for a SUV edition. Previously was also rumored that Bugatti would use the Lamborghini’s Urus to develop its crossover, but according to the same magazine it turned out that what Lamborghini offers is not really what the French brand Bugatti wants.

Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti

Once those speculation started circulating in the automotive world, they were immediately denied by Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti’s President and former CEO and President of Lamborghini.

But even so, the rumors on Bugatti developing a SUV hasn’t ceased to appear.

Until those speculations are cleared, what is evident so far is that Bugatti is preparing something new. Would it be a crossover or not, and will Rimac Automobili be involved in the development of such a vehicle, is something yet to be seen/confirmed.