Restograf app for restaurant reservations relaunches following a €450K investment

Restograf, a Romanian online reservation platform, introduces its new Restograf 2.0 interface following an investment of € 450.000, Romanian new portals reported. The investment is made by the CEO itself, Radu Dumitescu who has overtook the platform in 2018.

This new app, developed by a team of Romanian programmers is set to revolutionize the booking process. According to its CEO, Dumitrescu, this tool allows restaurant owners to have real time data about occupancy rates and the number of reservations.

Radu Dimitrescu, CEO at Restograf / Photo:

“We had been thinking for some time to invest in an app that would align the market for restaurant reservations in Romania to the latest trends in the world industry. When the opportunity came to take over Restograf, in 2018, we realized this was the brand we needed to launch the app and reservations software,” said Radu Dumitrescu, CEO Restograf,Romanian news portal reported.

“In the classic system, with pen and paper, 30% of the tables remain unoccupied, because there is no automatized system to centralize the reservations and calculate the occupancy rate in real time,” Dumitrescu added.

Founded in Restograf in 2011 with a mission to answer the question “Where to eat best in Bucharest?”. , Restograf today has become the main source of information for the restaurant lovers community. Not only its users can reserve a table online, but also can add comments and reviews for the service they get.

The app is available at Apple store and Google Play store, offering a table at over 200 restaurants in Bucharest, Romania. According to the Restograf,  the reservation confirmation comes instantly through text message and email.

Reportedly, the new Restograf 2.0 app has been used for more than 10,000 reservations in the first month after launch.

By the end of this year, the app will be available countrywide, in Constanta, Iasi, Brasov, Sibiu, Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca. Following the expansion in Romania, the owners are considering expansion abroad too.

Radu Dumitrescu, is a CEO of Restograf since 2018. He is a Romanian entrepreneur, owner of four restaurants in Bucharest. Before Radu, Restograf was a platform specialized in restaurant reviews. Since the takeover, it became an app for booking a meal in just 30 seconds at a restaurant.